Sunday, January 11, 2015

Darwin, Australia 3-5-09

We are in Darwin Australia, and went to the crocodile expo and zoo
today. It was really neat. It cost us $14 US with a free shuttle to
the park. The cruise ship sold that tour for probably $100. We will check the price when we get back to the ship. We call the cruise line PIRATES OF THE ROYAL CARIBBEAN. They call themselves the Royal Caribbean. :>)

Darwin has huge termite mounds made of mud -- up to 4 ft high. We got a glimpse as we drove to the crocodile expo. I wonder how much termite insurance costs here. lol

It is so hot and humid here. About 100% humidity because they had a
rainstorm last night. But everything looks green and clean. The town is very nice, with a big shopping district and the internet cafe where we are now. :>)

We have seen some good shows on the ship (and some not so good). Last night was a juggler who did quite well. The cruise ship kids who do three shows over and over for 6 months are NOT good except for one dancer. Some Argentinian guys did a really neat "black" show. It was like bright neon butterflies and tuff floating around and we could not see the people moving them because the people were all dressed in
--> black and not visible against the black backdrop.
I have a regular Mah Jongg game onboard. We play for about an hour before lunch. All my trivia games limit my free time. LOL We have won 3 water wallets (like to use when swimming), 3 ball caps, one yellow marker. I traded in 2 water wallets for a nice shoulder bag. The shoulder bags have not come out yet on this cruise. They save those until near the end.

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